What is Nano Silver?

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What is Nano Silver? Nano Silver is a pure substance made of metallic silver with a particle size of 10 nanometers. Nano-silver can be found in a size range of 25 to 25 nanometers. It has strong inhibitory and killing effects on many pathogenic microorganisms including Neisseria gondiae, Escherichiacoli, and Chlamydia trichomatis. The antibacterial and deodorant effects of cotton socks made from nanosilver or combed cotton fibers are excellent.
What are the characteristics and uses of nanosilver
Due to their excellent electrical conductivity, nanosilver particles are a key component of microelectronics. Because of its quantum size and surface effect, nano-silver particle have some unique applications such as medical and surface-enhanced Raman application.
Study after study has shown that sterilization performances are stronger when nanosilver particles are smaller than expected.
Nanosilver particles have many applications
Nanosilver has antibacterial properties and is used to save lives. It can be used in baby products and tableware as well as milk bottles. Nanchang’s nano silver antibacterial tableware can be used safely. Bier milk bottles (Bier, Bier silver Ion, and Bier nanosilver PES Puzzle milk bottles) also contain nanosilver material. Nanosilver, a safe and widely-used material, is also available.
The harm that nanosilver can do
Seoul, Yonhap News Agency. 13 August. The results of a study suggest that large amounts of silver nanoparticles could cause liver damage. Nanosilver has been used extensively in toys, baby bottles and toothbrushes.
Nano Silver Supplier
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