Is Copper II Nitrate Soluble in Water?

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is copper ii nitrate soluble in water

Copper nitrate is a blue solid that is oxidizing and can be used to make nitrogen dioxide gas. It can be decomposed by heating and it makes nitric acid.

It is a good oxidizer and is an effective reagent for nitration of aromatic compounds with the help of acetic anhydride. It is also used in pyrotechnics to produce brilliantly colored flames.

The hydrated form of copper nitrate is very hygroscopic, so it should be stored in hermetic containers. It has a number of different hydrates, including the monohydrate (Cu(NO3)2*H2O), the sesquihydrate, the hemipentahydrate and a trihydrate.

It has a strong oxidant capacity, which is why it can ignite wood or paper. It is moderately toxic and if it comes into contact with mineral acids or is heated, the resulting fumes are very dangerous. It should be kept away from the eyes, lungs and throat because it can cause irritation. It can also be a fire hazard and should never be used with explosives or wood.

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