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Calcium nitride: properties and applications Calcium nitride This compound is made up of calcium and nitrate. Ca3N2 has the chemical formula. It is a solid that appears reddish-brown. When it comes into contact with water, calcium nitride dissolves and releases ammonia. Insoluble in diluted acids and decomposes when exposed to alcohol. Calcium nitride (CaN) is made by heating metallic calcium at 450degC with nitrogen.
Is calcium nitride ionic?
You can also find out more about us on our website. Calcium Nitride If we know the ions that make up an ionic substance, then we can determine its molecule formula. Calcium ions are ions with a positive charge or Ca2+. The nitride-ion is N3+. In order to balance the charge 3x Ca3N2 ions are needed for every 2x N3- ions.

Is calcium nitride a metal?
Calcium nitride (also known as calcium nitroxide) is a solid crystalline compound composed of nitrogen and calcium. When the calcium is burnt in the atmosphere, it forms Ca3N2 with the oxide CaO. The distilled fibrous metal calcium is heated at 450degC with a pure nitrogen stream. After 3-4 hours, the metal calcium is nitrided to calcium nitride.
Is calcium nitrate salt?
Calcium nitrate (also known as double salt) is made by adding ammonia to calcium nitrate and adding nitric oxide. It is known as double salt, because it contains two nutrients found in fertilizers that are high in sodium. This isn’t organic but an artificial fertilizer that has been modified.

How is Calcium Nitride Produced?
When the calcium is burned in the atmosphere, it forms Ca3N2 and the oxide CaO. The distilled fibrous metal calcium is heated at 450degC with a purified nitrogen stream, and after 3-4 hours the metal calcium is nitrided to calcium nitride.
According to the temperature of preparation, the calcium nitride obtained is either black (at 350degC), milky white (between 350 and 1150degC), or golden yellow (above 1150degC). Calcium nitride can be easily identified because it reacts to moisture or water, producing calcium and ammonia.

Calcium Nitride: Application
Ca3N2 is used to get reactive nitride and calcium (desiccant), which can be obtained by heating calcium nitride above 350degC.

Price of Calcium Nitride Powder
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