What is Fumed Silica?

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Fumed silica can be described as a fine white powder that is made by hydrolysis of silicon hailide at high temperature under an oxyhydrogen flame. It is a form of amorphous silicone dioxide product. The primary particle sizes are between 740nm to 200-500nm. Aggregate particle sizes range from 200-500nm to about 200-500nm. Specific surface area is 100400m2/g. High purity SiO2 content is not below 99.8%. There are a number of silica-hydroxyl groups in vapor phase silicaaggregates with untreated surfaces. One is an isolated, unperturbed free hydroxyl molecule; the other is bonded silyl group that is linked and forms hydrogen bonds to one another. The vapor-phase silica aggregates have the untreated surfaces. They contain multiple -Oh compound, which can easily form an uniform three-dimensional network structure in the liquid system (hydrogen bond). This three-dimensional network structure, called the hydrogen bond, is formed by external force (shear, electric, etc.). The medium will crumble, the medium will thin out, and the viscosity will drop. When the external force is gone, the three-dimensional structure of the hydrogen bond (hydrogen link) will revert to its original state.

Fumed silica, one of the new most important inorganic material, is one. It has a small particle diameter, high specific surface area, strong surface adhesion, large surface energy and chemical purity. Its high stability, reinforcing effects, thickening and thixotropy make it an irreplaceable choice in many unique fields.
It is widely used as an additive, catalyst carrier, decolorizing agent or matting agent in various industries.

Fumed silica is mainly composed of two types of “sex”, hydrophilic or waterphobic. You can use physical, chemical and mechanical methods to alter the fumedsilica interface or surface. This includes surface energy, surface wetability, reaction characteristics, surface structure, functional groups and surface structure. This allows it to be used in modern new material and new technology as well as the requirements of developing new technology.

Hydrophobic fumed Silica Applications
Thickening of certain polar liquids like epoxy resins. Silicone elastomer reinforcement. High addition. Good hydrophobicity. Improved anticorrosion. Powder flow AIDS.

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