What are the commonly used materials for 3D printing?

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The rapid advances in science and technology, as well as the widespread application of 3D printer technology, are slowly changing our lives and working lives. It is not easy to ignore the issue of 3D printing materials. This topic is also very popular with many people.
FDM 3D Printing Materials
FDM technology uses the same stable and strong thermoplastics as injection molding and CNC machining. FDM thermoplastics may be used in applications that require high fit tightness, toughness, and environmental resistance. They also have special properties such as biocompatibility and VO flammability.
PolyJet 3D Printing Materials
PolyJet 3D printers make use of a photosensitive material that mimics a wide variety material properties. This includes transparent and rubber-like materials, as well as high toughness. Digital Materials increases material options by mixing multiple base resins to make hundreds of material combinations. Get greater product fidelity through full color capabilities, Shore values and other properties.

SAF 3D printing materials
SAF technology uses an HAF (High Absorbent fluid) that is infrared-sensitive to fuse polymer particles together and build the part layer after layer. It employs Big Wave’s proprietary powder management technology to evenly distribute the powder over the entire surface of the printer. A piezoelectric industrial printhead then jets liquid into each area to create each layer. The part is printed by heating it with infrared light.

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