The Properties And Applications of Titanium Carbide Powder

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Titanium carbide TiC has the chemical symbol TiC. It is a metallic-looking steel gray carbide crystal with thermal and electrical conductivity.

Titanium Carbide Powder Properties

Titanium carbide, a compound that is extremely hard and has a melting point of over 900°C, is also a highly corrosive material. It has a hardness that is second only to the diamond, but it does not have strong magnetic properties. Titanium carbide has a low magnetic property and is not soluble with water.
Titanium carbide reacts with pure oxygen at 1150degC. Titanium carbide is a solid that has the same crystal structure as TiN or TiO.

Titanium Carbide Applications

Titanium carbide can be used for a variety of purposes. As the technology for the microwave synthesis nano-TiC is improved and industrialized, the performance and applications of using the nano-TiC to prepare the corresponding materials are greatly enhanced.

1. Use of titanium carbide as a multiphase material
Titanium carbide ceramics, also known as super hard tool materials (TiC), are composite materials made from TiC, and TiN. WC, and A12O are other raw materials used to make the materials. These materials, which have a high melting temperature, high hardness and excellent chemical resistance, are used for cutting tools, wear-resistant components and other products. It is a material that has excellent electrical conductivity and is therefore preferred for the electrode.

2. Titanium carbide can be used as a coating material
Titanium carbide has many uses, such as anti-tritium coating for fusion reactors and electrical contact material, or roadheader picks. A layer of titanium carbide can also increase the life of a tool by up to 3-5 times.

3. Titanium carbide can be used to make foam ceramics
As a filter ceramic foam can remove the inclusions that are present in different fluids. The filtering process is done by agitation, and then adsorption. Titanium carbide alloy foam ceramics offer higher hardness, strength, thermal conductivity (including electrical conductivity), heat resistance, and corrosion resistance compared to oxide ceramic foam.

4. Titanium carbide can be used to make ceramics that emit infrared light
Titanium carbide, an intermetallic material, is usually chemically stable and doesn’t change its valence, making it a great choice for applications in high temperatures.

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