The Main Application of Nano Spherical Silicon Powder

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What is spherical silicon powder?

Also known as spherical silicic acid, spherical silicic powder, and so on. The industry. Spherical silica is a white powder of high purity with excellent particles and good dielectric and thermal properties. It has low expansion coefficients and a strong development potential. The purity requirements of spherical powder used in integrated circuits are getting stricter. Normal conditions require that the silicon content is no less than 99.95%.

Features and performance characteristics of spherical Silicon products

Flame fusion is a method that produces spherical silica. Silica in a flame at very high temperatures produces spherical silicone dioxide. It is high-purity, has low radioactivity and good fluidity.

Micro spherical silicais made up of high-quality spherical and round silicon particles. Its characteristics include high purity and small particle size.

Spherical silica is non-toxic, has no odor, and shows good activity. It is an optoelectronics semiconductor material that has a large gap energy semiconductor and is also high-power lighting material.

Spherical Silicon has excellent properties including low expansion, low stress (low strain), low impurities and low friction coefficient.

There are two main areas where spherical silicon is used:

Spherical silicon is widely used for semiconductors, electronic, and aviation components. Filling materials can be added to phenolic epoxy resins, adhesives paints high-grade ceramics coatings rubber silica gels etc., in order to reduce cost, increase weather resistant, hardness and other properties. It can be used in binders and catalysts as well as medicines, castings and packaging materials. Thermal shrinkage is minimal for spherical silicon. The addition of silica to PVC and PP will not alter the color, feel or texture, but it will reduce thermal shrinkage.

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