The Gold Puck and Its Importance

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A gold puck is a piece of pure gold that has closely equivalent diameters to rod and shorter in height. gold pucks can be used in a variety of electronic and strength experiments. They also offer the highest possible density and smallest average grain size for high purity applications such as semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition display and optical.

Before there was a gold NHL trophy to be awarded to the league’s top scorer, there was the golden puck. The puck made its debut on March 10, 1886 when someone took a rubber lacrosse ball and trimmed it to shape, creating a hockey puck for Queen’s University’s first organized game with the Royal Military College cadets on the Lake Ontario harbour ice.

In a time when Canadians have become more and more proud of their nation, the gold puck has taken on a particular significance for fans. This is especially true when a gold puck — as in the case of the one seized from Team Canada’s goaltender during the Miracle on Ice — reflects a national achievement.

But how much would the gold puck go for on the open market? Findlay says it depends on how much emotion is attached to it. “If it’s certified on Hall of Fame letterhead, that gives a little more credence than a Vancouver Canucks equipment manager saying they have it,” he says. “There are guys that will name their price, but it really comes down to how much emotion you have for it.” Click here for more articles on Hockey Puck.