The application of high purity graphite powder has excellent performance in industrial production

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Overview of graphite powder with high purity High purity graphite powder is the most stable form of carbon, in the isolation of oxygen conditions, its melting point above 3000 is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals. Graphite powder can be described as a form of mineral powder. It is mainly made of carbon, hard, black grey, and Greasy. The hardness is approximately 1 2. However, the vertical direction of the increase in impurities can make the hardness rise to 3 5. The specific gravity of graphite powder is 1.92.3. Graphite powder has a relatively stable chemical composition at room temperature. It is insoluble in water and dilute acid as well as organic solvents.
High purity graphite dust refers to graphite with more than 99.9%. The graphite contains a lot of carbon. A high purity graphite product has high electrical conductivity and lubricity. It is also resistant to high temperatures, wear, and other factors. It is used to determine the composition of carbon compounds by using thermal benchmarks. High purity graphite is used primarily in electronics, electronics and metallurgy. The high-purity graphite’s carbon content is over 99.99%. High purity graphite can be further divided into nuclear graphite; coarse crystalline, space graphite; fine crystalline and fine crystalline. Maximum grain diameter is less than 0.75mm.
High purity graphite powder features
High purity graphite pulverize is made from high purity graphite process cutting out, graphite particle granularity range according to the processing way, graphite specfications and USES are associated. In graphite production, it is essential to select the right graphite specification. This will ensure that graphite can be produced at a low cost, has a large mesh size, and is easy to control. Graphite also has a high carbon content so graphite can be used extensively.
What applications are there for high purity graphite?
The industrial production of graphite powder with high purity is possible thanks to its excellent performance. High purity graphite powder can be used for electric conduction, lubrication and other industrial production areas. The production of high-purity graphite powder requires strict control of the impurity content. It is important to select raw materials with low ash levels and to avoid the creation of more pollutants. The graphite’s chemical order is the key to reducing contaminants to the extent desired. Graphitization happens at high temperatures when many impurity element oxides melt and evaporate. The graphitization temperature is higher, and the more impurities are released, the higher quality of high purity graphite products. High purity graphite is known for its outstanding electrical conductivity and lubricity.
High purity micron-graphite particles can be used in a wide variety of industries, including photographic film, high-performance battery iron, nickel foam manufacturing, and advanced lubricating oils and grease manufacturing.
Special graphite coverings: water-based graphite and conductive graphite sandings, dissolved graphite sandings, internal graphite and external graphite sandings, drawing graphite and lubricating and TV graphite sandings, glass fiber and special coatings.
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