Nickel Oxide Powder

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NiO Powder is available in spray dry and non-spray dry grades for sputtering targets and chemical vapor deposition applications. It is particularly useful for the preparation of nickel oxide cathodes and other material components in fuel cells, batteries and solar energy conversion systems.

The use of electrospinning to fabricate nickel oxide nanofibers has been gaining interest due to its simplicity, economy, scaling capability, and control over the NF morphology. These NFs have shown great potential in a variety of engineering domains such as sensing, catalysis, and solar energy conversion.

Synthesis of Nickel Oxide Nanofibers through Electrospinning

NiO NFs are of great practical importance in many engineering fields such as sensing, photocatalysis, and other chemical catalysis. However, their synthesis has been challenging for several reasons due to high dependence of properties on the NF morphology.

In the past, a number of physical techniques have been successfully employed for the synthesis of NiO NFs; however, these methods are complicated and time-consuming. Consequently, electrospinning has emerged as the preferred technique for the fabrication of NiO NFs because of its simplicity, economy, scaling capability, and ability to control the NF morphology.

Nickel(II) Oxide, often called NiO, is a light green solid that contains nickel in its +2 oxidation state and oxide ions. It is a common element found in nickel alloys, glass, enamel, ceramics, and electronic components. It also reacts with acids to form nickel salts such as chloride and sulfate.

Long-term Inhalation Exposure Conclusion: Chronic inhalation exposure to nickel oxide has been reported to cause mucosal damage, inflammatory reactions, and respiratory tract tumors in rats, mice, and guinea pigs. In addition, pulmonary hyperplasia was observed in guinea pigs after repeated inhalation of nickel oxide aerosols.