Nano silver is a kind of new antibacterial agent, which has strong bacteriostatic and bactericidal action

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What is nanosilver? Nano silver is used as a particle size to make nano metallic silver elemental. The nano silver particle size is generally 25 nanometers. It is extremely small in size and has a large surface area. Because of this, it can have significant quantum size effects and quantum tunneling effects. It also has super activity and permeability. It is hundreds of thousands times more bactericidal then ordinary silver. Nano-scale metallic silver has a surface electronic characteristic that allows it to form ligands with hydrophobic, amino, and other electron-absorbing group on bacteria protein molecules. This enhances the antibacterial effects. Nano silver is an innovative antibacterial agent. It has a strong antibacterial effect and broad spectrum.
What role does nano-silver play?
Silver nanoparticles can be made from silver nanoparticles. These particles can be used in industrial applications, water treatment, as well as consumer products like clothing and cosmetics. Silver nanoparticles are a silver element with a nanometer size. Nano silver is a form of powder-silver element. The particle size is typically between 25-50nm. The size of silver nanoparticles directly affects their properties. It was discovered that smaller particles have stronger bactericidal performances.
Nano-silver can kill bacteria
Silver is an antiseptic which has been proven to kill bacteria and fungi as well as viruses. Positively charged silver (Ag+)22,22 is responsible for the antibacterial effect. Silver ions have many modes of action to target microorganisms.
The nanoparticles of silver cannot be seen by the naked eye. Nano silver antibacterial solution is made by introducing a small amount of nano-silver into deionized drinking water. It is extremely small in particle size, 500 to 1000 times smaller that a cell. Because it is so easily absorbed and excreted, all bacteria, viruses, and fungi are quickly and efficiently trapped. It is not the same as ordinary antibiotics. While antibiotics can kill some bacteria, they cannot kill viruses. Nano silver can kill over 650 bacteria and viruses. It should be considered the body’s second immune defense system.
Is nano-silver healthy?
Silver found in the environment can be considered safe because it is a compound. Although the environmental and health hazards of silver nanoparticles remain poorly understood, colloidal silver can be deemed unsafe to consume.
Nano silver can be used to kill bacteria. It causes no skin irritation and has no toxic effect on cells. This opens up new opportunities for the widespread use of nano-silver as an antibacterial agent. It is the latest generation in natural antibacterial agents.
Is nano-silver dangerous?
Nano silver can cause minor irritation to the eyes and skin. It is also mildly allergenic to the skin. Silver nanoparticles inhaled can cause damage to the lungs, liver, and spleen. Studies have shown that silver particles can be genotoxic for mammalian cells.
Application of silver nanoparticles
1. One antibiotic can kill approximately six pathogens. Nano silver can kill hundreds.
2. Nano silver can kill up to 650 bacteria in just minutes. Because of their unique bactericidal mechanisms, silver nanoparticles are able to kill pathogenic bacteria in a matter of minutes.
3. Silver nanoparticles are super-permeability and can penetrate 2mm under skin for sterilization.
4. Promote wound healing and repair of damaged cells, decrease scar formation, muscle growth, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
5. The patented technology that produces silver nanoparticles is protected by a protective layer. This allows for gradual release in the human body and an antibacterial effect that is durable and long-lasting.
6. Nano silver is a non antibacterial fungicide. This means that nano silver can kill any pathogenic microorganisms. 10nm silver nanoparticles have an antibacterial mechanism that can kill bacteria fast and directly. The next generation of drug resistant bacteria can prevent the recurrence that is caused by drug resistance.
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