Industrial Preparation Method of Boron Carbide Powder

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What is boron caride?

Boron carbide, also called black diamond, an inorganic substance has a chemical composition of B4C. It is typically gray-black micropowder. It is second only behind diamond and cubicboron nitride as the third hardest material known. It is used for bulletproof vests, tank armour, and other industrial applications. Its Mohs hardness (about 9.5) is approximately. Boron carbide, an important engineering ceramic material, is also available. It is second in hardness to cubic boron nutride and diamond, and third in hardest material. Boron carbide has high neutron absorption, wear resistance, and chemical stabilit. These properties play an important part in the military, civil, and aerospace fields.

The most common industrial preparation methods for boron carbonide

Special ceramics have been the focus of major industrial nations in recent years. They have created a worldwide “ceramic fever”, making huge progress and attracting a lot of attention. Based on the reaction principles, raw material and equipment used in synthesis of Boron Carbide Powder, the industrial preparation methods include high-temperature self propagating synthesis, electric arc furnace carothermic reduction, chemical gasphase reaction method, gel carbothermic decrease method, and others.

Boron carbide is commonly produced in industrial settings using the carbothermal reduction melting method, which uses boric acid and carbon for raw materials. This method uses a lot of boric acids and is susceptible to impurities and high energy consumption. A low energy consumption solution was created because of these reasons. It is significant that the synthetic method of boron carbonide can be controlled easily in terms of particle size.

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