How to Grow Mossy Tin Moss For Home Science Demonstrations

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A high density, granular or flaky form of tin metal. Used in the formation of bronze and other alloys. This material can be coated with a variety of coatings to provide a range of properties. American Elements’ tin moss is suitable for a wide range of laboratory experiments and for use as an element source in research and development.

Growing tin crystals is one of the most accessible home science demonstrations in the metal-crystal-growing genre that the ChemTalk team knows of. Silver and lead will also form crystals, but these are expensive and toxic, so we’ll stick with tin for this experiment.

Before you plant your tin can succulent planters, it’s important to remove the razor sharp edge of the tin can. Using a safety can opener or similar tool removes the sharp, metallic ring of the pull-top and makes the can safe for planting! This is a great step to take even if you’re planning to re-use the can for something else. A single line of hot glue along the edge of the tin works well to attach the moss to the can.