Copper Arsenide Formula

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copper arsenide formula is a mixture of chromium and copper (Cu(II) arsenate) that is commonly used to treat wood against decay-causing organisms. It is also used as an insecticide and fungicide. It is a fine, light green powder that is insoluble in water.

It is a toxic substance when inhaled or swallowed. It may cause liver and kidney damage, and it is irritating to the skin. Ingestion can be fatal if not treated promptly.

The arsenides are a rare group of minerals consisting of compounds of one or more metals with the element arsenic. They are closely related to the sulfides (galena, sphalerite) and frequently include them in their structure. The coordination of the metal ions in the arsenides is either octahedral or tetrahedral.

Copper arsenic is found in mixed copper-arsenic sulphide minerals such as enargite (Cu3AsS4) and tennantite (Cu12As4S13). These are the principal copper-arsenic mineral deposits found in deep epithermal copper-gold deposits. However, exploitation of these resources is often difficult because the arsenic can present an environmental liability or require expensive treatment charges.

We report a facile solution based synthesis, characterization, and photocurrent measurements of earth abundant luzonite and tennantite copper arsenic sulfide nanocrystals (NCs). Both NCs are free of detectable impurities with average diameters of 7 and 63 nm respectively. X-ray diffraction and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy show that their band gap energies are ideal for photovoltaic applications. Moreover, an observable cathodic photocurrent is induced upon solar simulated illumination of these crystalline NCs.