Chromium IV Oxide

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chromium iv oxide is a black solid at room temperature and pressure. It is mainly used in the production of audio tapes, phonograph records, memory devices and permanent magnets. It is also used as a catalyst.

The use of chromium dioxide in magnetic tapes dates back to the 1950s. It had the highest coercivity of any known magnetic coating at the time, and allowed audio cassettes to be made that were much less susceptible to treble response issues.

It was a superior magnetic particulate to the ferric oxide coatings commonly used at the time, but its use came with problems. First, the crystals were hard and easily fractured in manufacturing processes. Second, their presence in magnetic tape emulsions resulted in a decrease in the output of the tapes.

Several companies developed alternative magnetic recording coatings, such as the more commonly used cobalt-adsorbed oxide pigments, which largely replaced chromium dioxide. These formulations were cheaper, but offered less performance than pure chrome.

Chromium(III) Oxide – Selective Oxidation of Alcohols (Magtrieve(tm))

Some chromium complexes have been shown to selectively oxidize a range of aldehydes and ketones. These reagents are very useful in organic synthesis where the use of traditional chromium oxidants can lead to problems with product isolation and disposal.