Cast Tungsten Carbide

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cast tungsten carbide (WC-W2C) is an advanced wear protection and tooling material. It has the characteristics of high hardness, excellent abrasion resistance, and good performance at high temperatures. It is produced by melting tungsten metal and tungsten monocarbide (WC) together. The molten material is quickly quenched to produce extremely hard solid particles of fine crystal structure.

The WC and W2C phases of this material exhibit a eutectic structure, a high melting point, and hardness that aid in the abrasion resistance properties of cast tungsten carbide. These properties make this material a popular choice in wear applications, including supersonic flame spraying, plasma spraying, and other applications where wear resistance is required.

In addition, cast tungsten carbide can be used as a base coating for hardfacing. It can be applied to the surface of the hardfacing by flame, arc, spray or braze welding. The resulting coating can be used in a variety of applications, including rock bit wear plates, infiltrated diamond tools, hardfacing (weld) rods, and other wear parts.

Agricultural wearing parts also benefit from the use of cast tungsten carbide. This material eliminates smearing and compressive forces on the soil, which in turn reduces compaction and allows drainage directly where it is needed. Smearing and compressive forces can create a barrier for root growth, water and air movement in the soil, reducing crop establishment and yield potential.

cast tungsten carbide can be used as an overlay on the wear surfaces of key components in agriculture and other industries that require long wear life, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. By applying Tungsten Carbide to key areas, smearing and compressive forces are minimised, meaning optimum performance can be achieved throughout the entire working life of the part.