What You Need to Know About a Golden Sample

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Approval Sample

An approval sample, or golden sample, is a perfect example of your product that the supplier sends to you before producing items on a large scale. This allows you to know exactly what you’re getting and makes it easier to identify any potential issues before a production run begins.

Product Specifications

The next step after receiving an approval sample is to create product specifications that are outlined in detail and clearly outlined what needs to be done and how it should be done. These can include look and feel requirements as well as functionality.

A 3rd Party Inspection

Once the production is complete, you’ll need a third party inspector to inspect the finished product before it goes out for shipping. This inspection will be performed to ensure that the products meet all of your specifications and are a true representation of your brand.

Gold Acid Test Kits

The best way to test for gold is to use a gold acid test kit. You can find these at most jewelry stores and online. They are available in a range of karats from 22K to 18K.

One simple test to check if your gold piece is genuine is to scratch it on the Black Gold Testing Stone and put a drop of the aqua regia acid mix from the kit on it. If the acid gets dissolved, it means you have genuine gold! If it doesn’t, then you have a fake gold item.