What should oxidation should be applied?

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What colour is oxidized when it occurs? Oxidation is a compound that is insoluble when it is mixed with water. The molecular structure of the compound is PR6O11 . It has a fluorite cubic structure and is most stable at room temperature under normal pressure. Oxidation It is a dark powder with the chemical formula Pr6O11. Oxidation, which is not soluble with water but soluble with acid, forms provide and is highly conductive.
Where does the mining take place?
It is found in only two ore types. The most important commercial ore is a viscous, single bacterium. The main mining region is in China. Around 2 million tons of estimated ore are estimated.

How is the PRA PR6O11 oxidation powder produced?
Oxidation oxide nanoparticles may be created by solid-state processes such as thermal degradation, molten sodium, calcination and precipitation. Most methods require a calcination stage to produce crystalline Pr6O11 Nanoparticles.
The Oxide (III or IV) is formed by heating the Air (NO3)3 * 6H2O] and Hydroxide(OH)3 hydroxide to a temperature of 500 degC or more. Some other organic precursors such as acetic and oxalic acids, or propylene are also reported. However, this synthetic method of synthesis is not widely used.
Physical properties of nanoparticles are dependent upon calcination (temperature, time, etc.) and preparation methods. ).

Application of Oxide Powder
1. Primarily used for ceramic building and daily ceramics.
2. It can also be used as a glaze color. The pigment has a pale yellow color that is pure and elegant.
3. Permanent magnets are made using this material.
4. Magnets of various shapes can now be made using this material instead of neodymium metal. Its oxygen resistance and mechanical characteristics have been greatly improved.
5. Electric motors and electronic devices are widely used.
6. Also used to crack oil.

Oxidation Price Trend
Yesterday, it was 61.08. On April 19, 2020, the index of oxidation commodity was 61.08. The cycle reached its highest point (2011-09-27) and dropped by 42.2%. Its lowest point was 32.95 points on June 8, 2021. 85.37 %.
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