What Is Titanium Nitride Powder?

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titanium nitride powder is a fine black powder that contains a metallic element (Titanium) and a non-metallic element (Nitride). This unique material is used for coating and forming applications. It has an impressive list of practical properties including, high hardness, corrosion resistance and heat tolerance. This makes titanium nitride a popular choice for a variety of applications and products.

Applied as a coating, TiN is primarily used to improve the surface of steel and carbide components. This is done through chemical/physical vapor deposition, plasma spraying, and sputtering techniques. When a thin layer is applied, it provides an excellent wear resistant coating. A well-known use is for edge retention on machine tools such as drill bits and milling cutters, often increasing their life by a factor of three or more.

Additionally, it is a common alloy modifier for certain cemented carbides in metallurgy. Titanium nitride is highly resilient in high temperature furnaces, allowing them to run longer than other materials without requiring frequent repairs.

Because of it’s yellowish color, titanium nitride is also commonly used to coat jewelry for decorative purposes and it can be used in place of gold in many cases because it is less expensive. It is also non-toxic and meets FDA guidelines, so it can be used to produce medical devices such as scalpel blades and orthopedic bone saws. It has even been used to produce implanted prosthetics such as hip replacement implants. Titanium nitride is also an excellent thermal insulator, making it a good material for a number of different applications that require insulation from heat and radiation.