What is the chemical stability of niobium carbide?

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What does NbC powder mean?
Niobium carbonide is an green cubic crystal with metallic luster. It belongs to a type of cubic crystal that contains sodium chloride. Its melting temperature is high and it is hard (microhardness is 23GPa which is more than corundum) and chemical stability is excellent (it can be stored at one thousand one hundred and then oxidizes rapidly to niobium pentoxide at above one hundred). They are insoluble substances. These are hot and cool hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric. The melting of Niobium Carbide in titanium carbide and zirconium caride and other compounds results in an isomorphic liquid solution. It can then be used in the production of cemented carbide and heat-resistant alloys, such as cermet. Cemented carbide that contains niobium caride can have refined grains and better performance. This cutting tool has good thermal hardness and resistance to thermal shock.

How is NbC powder applied?
Because of their hardness and high melting point as well as excellent chemical stability and electrical conductivity, composite ceramic materials from composite clay materials are used as one of the raw materials for composite ceramic products.
Cemented carbide can be used to inhibit cemented-carbide grain growth. It can also form the third dispersed phases, except WC and Co. These can dramatically increase the thermal hardness and thermal shock resistance as well as the resistance to oxidation. Cemented carbide tool material can be prepared using Niobium carbide. This is due to its benefits of improving hardness as well as increasing fracture toughness.
The hard niobium carbonide hard phase in the surfacing-covered electro enters the structure and enhances its wear resistance. This wear resistance alloy of covered electrode surfacing is wear-resistant, 1.2 to1.8 times greater than the HRC50 quenched No.45 Steel and 2.5 to3.6 times more than Fe-Cr–C-B. The surface of the workpiece can have the hard-facing layers welded directly on it. Additionally, tiny cracks that form on the top can help release the strain of the hardfacing layer. They won’t spread to the base material. The addition of small amounts of niobium carbonide during steelmaking to the steel strength phase can produce the benefits of precipitation strengthening.

Many aerospace components can be used to prepare parts for other equipment, like turbine rotors or gas rudders.

Chemical Properties of NbC dust
The green cubic crystal Niobium carbide has a metallic luster and is of sodium chloride type. The melting point of 2300 is achieved by the relative density being 8.47. It is much harder than corundum because the microhardness of >235GPA (>2400kg/mm2) is higher. The elastic modulus for corundum is 338000N/mm2 and the thermal expansion factor is 6.65×10-6/K. K; and the generated heat for 1 chemical books is 40.7kJ/mol. The specific heat potential is 36.8J/(mol). K and the resistivity of 35 m? It is insoluble in both hot and cold sulfuric acids, hot and low hydrochloric acids, and nitric Acid. However, it can be dissolved in hot mixtures of hydrofluoric and nitric. It’s stable from 1000 to 1100, and it quickly oxidizes in niobium peroxide over 1100. The melting of niobium carbide in titanium and zirconium carbide forms an isomorphic, solid solution mixture.

NbC powder
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