What is Spherical Quartz Powder?

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What is it? Spherical Quartz Powder ? Spherical quartz powder, made from quartz stone, is obtained after purification. Amorphous powder is made from irregularly angular particle into regular spherical particles.
The key features of Spherical Quartz Powder
Spherical quartz powder offers the benefits of a smooth surface and large specific surface area. It also has high hardness and stability. First, the spherical material is very fluid. The resin is mixed evenly with it to form a film. The greater the amount of quartz powder used to fill the mold, the lower its thermal conductivity. Also, the thermal expansion coefficients of the molding compound are smaller. And the higher the thermal expansion of single-crystalline silicon, the better the electronic components will perform. The stress of spherical granules is less than half that of angular powder. Furthermore, the mold compound made of spherical granules has the lowest stress concentrations and highest strength. Finally, the surface of spherical quartz powder is smooth. The friction coefficient is low and the wear on molds is minimal. This can help extend the mold’s life expectancy by up to one-third.
Spherical Quartz Powder Spherical SiO2 Properties
Other Titles Fused quartz, spherial quartz, spherical SiO2, silica
No. 7631-86-9
Combination Formula SiO2
Molecular Weight 60.09
Appearance Powder White
Melting Point 1,600deg C (2,912deg F)
Solubility of in water N/A
Density 2533 kg/m3
Purity 99.5-99.9%
Particle size 10-30nm
Boling Point 2,230deg C (4,046deg F)
Specific heat N/A
Thermal Conductivity N/A
Thermal Expansion N/A
Young’s Modulus N/A
Exact Mass 59.9668 g/mol
Monoisotopic 59.967 D
Spherical Quartz Powder Spherical SiO2
Spherical Quartz powder’s uses
The applications of spherical powder quartz are many. Electronic packaging is the biggest market for it. Electronic packaging is an industry that supports integrated circuits. As integrated circuits become more sophisticated, the requirements for packaging materials are rising. Packaging forms are continually optimized and up-dated to meet these new requirements. The main materials for electronic packaging include substrate material, plastic packing material, lead frame, and solder. Plastic packaging is a low-cost and easy-to-make product that can be mass produced in large quantities. This has helped it grow rapidly. Plastic packaging is responsible for 95% worldwide integrated circuit market. %above. EMC is the main plastic encapsulant. It houses more than 95% microelectronic component.
1. Microelectronic packaging must be able to withstand high levels of moisture, stress, low alpha-rays, dip soldering, reflow soldering, and plastic sealing. To address this issue, epoxy molding compounds must be doped in the resin matrix with inorganic materials. Nearly all inorganic materials used currently are quartz micropowder or silicon micropowder. Large-scale and ultra-large scale integrated circuits now have more stringent requirements for packaging materials due to their rapid growth. Quartz powder, an important support material for EMC requires that its particle size be within the required packaging range. Additionally, it must be pure. High and low radioactive elements are essential for particle shape. Spheroidization requirements apply to quartz powder.
2. Spherical silicon nanopowder has a great shape and can also meet many technical requirements for high-end integrated circuits. It is a key ingredient in electronic packaging. Spherical quartz can be used not only in electronic packaging, but also in high-end cosmetics, electronic inks, laser fibers, optical fibres, precision grinding optical devices, electronic components, and fillers for special paint coats.
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