Vanadium Boride Powder Packing and Shipping

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vanadium boride (VB2) Powder Packing and Shipping

VB2 is a hexagonal crystal with a melting point of 2980 degrees Celsius, a large oxidation temperature, high hardness and can be used in areas such as conductive ceramic material. VB2 has been demonstrated to possess a Gaver’s hardness of 27.2 +- 1.5 GPa, high thermal stability in the air and the highest resistivity value (41 mOcm) for transition metal borides at room temperature.

VB2 is one of the rare boron-rich materials, which exhibits simultaneously the properties of hard and refractory ceramics along with excellent electric conductivity. It also possesses the properties of a high strength and good chemical stability, which makes it ideal for engineering applications. Moreover, VB2 exhibits high electrical and thermal conductivity, which is beneficial for many applications such as surface and thermal protection systems, cutting tools, refractory crucibles, impact-resistant armours and plasma arc electrodes [1-3].