Tungsten Tubing – A New Process For Producing Seamless Tungsten Tubing With Narrow Diameters

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tungsten tubing is a great way to minimise tangles and camouflage your set up from wary carp. This tubing is also a fish friendly, safe alternative to lead core and can be used on venues with leader bans. It’s made from a super-dense tungsten compound and is significantly heavier than standard sinking rig tubes to ensure it easily sinks without the need for adding Critical Mass tungsten putty. It has a uniform diameter bore making it easier to thread mainline and is available in 2metre lenghts. The anti-tangle & supple nature means it can ‘hug’ lake bed contours and keep the last few feet of your line hard to the bottom, helping to camouflage your rig from wary carp.

Tungsten is highly refractory, requiring high temperatures to extrude it. This makes long lengths of seamless tungsten tubing with narrow diameters costly and difficult to fabricate. Conventional methods involve boring out the core, which can be time consuming and expensive. They can also damage the walls of the tube and contaminate the weld puddle.

The invention relates to a new process for producing long lengths of seamless tungsten tubing having a narrow diameter by using a special alloy. A tungsten billet is surrounded by a first annular sleeve of molybdenum and a second annular sleeve of steel, which serves to lower the refractoriness of the tungsten during the extrusion process by reducing its temperature range. This allows the extrusion to be performed at higher reductions and lower temperature&