The Properties And Applications of Aluminum Oxide Powder

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Aluminum oxide Al2O3 has the chemical formula Al2O3. Aluminum oxide, also known as bauxite, is used in materials science and ceramics.

Aluminum Oxide Properties

Alumina (aluminium dioxide) is a hard compound that has the chemical formula Al2O3. Alumina, an amphoteric alloy, can be reacted with alkali and form aluminate or it can be reacted with acid in order to form the aluminum salt of that acid.
Aluminum oxide is the typical amphoteric compound (corundum has an alpha shape and belongs to a hexagonal dense packing. It is a corrosion-resistant, inert material that is only slightly soluble with acid and alkali. Aluminum oxide dissolves in inorganic alkaline solutions and inorganic acids, but is insoluble in water or non-polar organic solvents.

Alumina has over 10 homogeneous crystalline types. These include gAl2O3,bAl2O3,and a-Al2O3(corundum). Different structures are characterized by different properties. They almost entirely transform into a – Al2O3 when heated above 1300degC.

Applications of Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide is the main raw material used for electrolytic aluminum production. But many other sectors, such as electronics and petroleum, as well as chemicals, ceramics, textiles or papermaking as well as pharmaceuticals, also need oxidation.

There are over 300 different types of nonmetallurgical oxides, all of which have excellent chemical and physical properties. They also have a variety of uses. The price of these oxides is significantly higher than the price of metallurgical oxide.

Due to its excellent properties such as high melting point and hardness, good mechanical and electrical properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the manufacture of artificial bones, semiconductors and integrated circuit substrates.

The high-purity series of aluminum oxides with a purity of 99.995% is mainly used in the production and processing for artificial sapphires, ceramics advanced, PDPs phosphors as well as some high-performance material. The raw material for sapphire crystal can be powder, granules or blocks, depending on the requirements.

The 99.99% high purity aluminum oxide series can be used in high pressure sodium lamps, new luminescent substances, special ceramics or coatings, as well as three primary colors and high performance materials.

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