The Properties And Application of Magnesium oxide

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What is Magnesium oxid?
Magnesium oxide, also known as MgO or magnesium oxide, is an inorganic material with a chemical composition of an ionic compound. At room temperature it is a white solid. Magnesium oxid exists in nature under the form of periclase. It is used as a raw material in magnesium smelting.

Magnesium dioxide is also commonly known as magnesia, or bitter soil. Magnesium is an alkaline, or oxidizing oxide. It has similar properties and is a material that gels. A typical alkaline metal oxide with the chemical formula MgO is white powder (light yellow in case of magnesium nitride). It has no odor, no taste, and is non-toxic. White powder. The melting point of this material is 2852. Its boiling point is 3600. The relative density is 3,58 (25). Insoluble in alcohol and insoluble in acid or ammonium-salt solution. The solubility is 0.00062g/100mL (0 degC).

The two main types are light magnesium oxide (LMO) and heavy magnesium dioxide (HMO). Amorphous white powder that is light and bulky. It is non-toxic, non-odorous and has no taste. It has a density of 3.58g/cm3. It is only slightly soluble when mixed with pure water, organic solvents and water. The presence of carbon dioxide makes it more soluble. It can be dissolved by acid or ammonium-salt solution. After burning at high temperatures, it becomes crystals. When there is carbon dioxide present in the air, double magnesium salts are formed. The white or beige powder is compact and has a large volume. It is easy for it to mix with water and absorb moisture as well as carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Mixing magnesium chloride solution with the gel is very easy.
Due to the industrialization upgrade as well as the development and demand of the high technology functional material market, several high-tech and fine products of magnesium oxide have been developed. They are mainly used in high quality lubricants and food grade.

Magnesium Oxide:

High Purity Magnesium oxide

High purity magnesium dioxide has excellent electrical insulation and alkali resistance at high temperature. The high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient have good light transmission. High temperature and heat resistant material widely used. It is used in the ceramic field as a material for light transmitting ceramic crucibles or substrates. In the electrical and electrical fields it is used for magnetic fillers, insulating materials fillers, and various carriers. It is used as a ceramic substratum, where it has a thermal conductivity that is two times greater than Magnesium dioxide, with tenths of the loss in electrolyte. The raw material can be used for making high-purity fuses magnesia and it can be used chemically to make “analytical purity” magnesium oxide.


Application field: The effect of nano-scale magnesia oxide is visible in its small size. It also has a surface effect. The agglomeration effect is eliminated after modification. It has a wide range of special functions, such as in optics and magnetism. The material has many applications and a broad range of prospects. Nano-magnesium is used widely in electronics, catalysis products, ceramics, oils, coatings etc. In different products they have different functions. The different products they are used in have different roles.

With the growing demand for high performance flame-retardant fabrics, synthetic flame-retardants offer the ideal material for the development and production of functional textiles. Nano-magnesium dioxide is commonly used with wood chips or shavings in the production of refractory materials, such as light weights, heat insulations, sound insulations, refractory board, and cermets. Nano-magnesium Oxide is nontoxic, odorless and contains a low amount of additive compared to some traditional organic flame retardants containing phosphorus or halogen. It is the perfect additive to develop flame-retardant fabrics. The nano-magnesium used in fuels has the ability to clean, inhibit corrosion and have a good application in coatings.

Magnesium oxide is widely used for semiconductor electronic packaging because of its excellent properties in terms of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

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