The Main Characteristics of Silicon Nitride

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Silicon Nitride application:

Silicon nitride has many unique properties and is an important engineering ceramic. At high temperatures silicon nitride has excellent mechanical properties. These include low density, high flexural and tensile strength, high modulus elasticity, fracture toughness and high wear resistance. The material is also very tough and strong. Material also exhibits excellent thermal properties. It has minimal temperature-induced shrinkage and expansion. Finaly, silicon nitride is a material with excellent chemical properties. It can withstand most acids and alkalis as well as corrosive gases and liquid metals.

Silicon Nitride Main Characteristics

It is also a good thermal conductor, which makes it an excellent material for demanding industrial applications. Thermal conductivity is a material’s inherent ability to transfer or conduct energy. The heat transfer coefficient determines whether engineering materials are suitable for applications requiring extreme temperatures. The low thermal conductivity of silicon nitride is due to its unique chemical and microstructure composition.

The material is extremely stable due to the strong atomic bonds. It is resistant to both acid and alkaline corrosion at room temperatures. This is especially important when considering implantation of the material in a human body that has a watery and salty environment. The corrosion resistance of the material is mainly due to the formation an oxide layer at the surface. The same corrosion resistance was observed in tests where silicon nitride had been placed in hot gases and molten metallic salts. The formation of an oxide layer is crucial to the corrosion resistance.

The self-reinforced structure, high strength, toughness and other excellent properties of silicon nitride have made it a popular structural component in various industries.

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