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thallium for sale is a bluish-white hued metal that is found in trace amounts throughout the Earth’s crust. It is odorless and tasteless in its natural form. It was once sourced from smelting other metals, but now we get it from mining naturally occurring deposits. Today thallium is used in electronic devices, fiber optics and glass lenses. It is very soft and malleable, making it easy to work with, even in large quantities. Thallium is more toxic than lead, however, and poisonings can occur with just skin contact.

When combined with arsenic and sulfur, thallium forms the compound thallium bromide-iodide which is used in photo cells. It is also combined with sulfur, selenium and arsenic to produce low melting glasses that become fluid between 125 and 150 degC. It was also leveraged as an insecticide and rodent poison, although its use was curtailed due to its toxicity.

The thallium test kit can detect the presence of thallium in solution with results visible within minutes. It is easy to use and can be used on the body, food and water as well as in other materials. It is not suitable for solutions that contain strong acids or halogens as they can cause a reaction that will release dangerous thallium oxide fumes. The kit contains a reagent which when added to a sample solution turns it pink in order to show the presence of thallium ions. This can then be measured against a calibrated color strip provided on the box to reveal the level of contamination.