Sputter Targets

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In a process known as sputter deposition (or thin film deposition), sputter targets are used to coat substrate materials. In order to produce a thin coating, the target is subjected to ion bombardment within a vacuum state, which sputter atoms off the surface of the target and onto the substrate. These atoms are then collected on the substrate, creating a thin but durable coating valid across multiple applications.

Sputtering targets can be made out of a variety of different metals and alloys. They are generally bonded to a backing plate to prevent them from cracking or over-heating during use. Typical backing plates are glass or ceramics. They can be used as a substitute for the sputter target itself, or they can be used in conjunction with it to create a more hardened coating.

The maximum power level that can be safely applied to a sputter target depends on the material of the target, its cooling capacity and the overall system design. A directly-cooled metal target can withstand higher power levels than one that is not directly-cooled due to its superior thermal conductivity.

Testbourne Ltd offers cylindrical magnetron sputter targets that are plasma sprayed and cast from a wide range of alloys such as chromium, silver, aluminium-silicon, copper, titanium oxide, tungsten and niobium. Our sputter targets are available in sizes from 2” up to 8.625″ and can be produced in long lengths. We also offer a range of other sputtering targets including rectangular and oddly-shaped targets.