Silicon Nitride Ceramics Have Comprehensive Properties

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What is silicon nitride?

Silicon nitride is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula Si3N4. It is an important structural ceramic material with high hardness, inherent lubricity, and wear resistance. It is an atomic crystal; it is resistant to oxidation at high temperatures.

Moreover, it can resist the impact of cold and heat. It will not be broken if it is heated to above 1000degC in the air, cooled rapidly and then heated rapidly. It is precisely because of the excellent characteristics of silicon nitride ceramic that people often use it to manufacture mechanical components such as bearings, turbine blades, mechanical seal rings, permanent molds, and so on. If silicon nitride ceramics, which are resistant to high temperatures and difficult to transfer heat, are used to make the heating surfaces of engine components, not only can the quality of the engine be improved, fuel savings, and thermal efficiency can be improved. China, the United States, Japan and other countries have developed such engines.

Comprehensive properties of silicon nitride

The characteristic of silicon nitride ceramics is the perfect combination of material properties. Silicon nitride is almost as light as silicon carbide (SiC), but its microstructure gives Si3N4 excellent thermal shock resistance, and its high fracture toughness makes it resistant to shocks and impacts.

The microstructure of silicon nitride consists of elongated crystals that are interlocked into microrods. One application where this combination of properties has proven to be particularly useful is the machining of gray cast iron or cast iron with ceramic blades.

Unlike hard metals or other cutting materials, the machining process can be carried out at maximum speed using silicon nitride blades without the use of cooling lubricants.

Due to the excellent chemical and physical properties of silicon nitride, Si3N4 ceramic components have replaced traditional materials. Applications of silicon nitride ceramics include sealing rings, bearings and sealing technology.

Silicon nitride has a decisive influence on the function, reliability and service life of these components. The combined bearing made of ceramic material and carbon or reinforced plastic is light in weight but very hard, so it is not susceptible to the influence of centrifugal force, and has very good emergency and dry running performance.

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