Preparation and Application of Tantalum Diboride

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Tantalum Boride powder preparation method

Tantalum-Boride Powder is produced by thermal reduction Tantalum Penoxide powder with carbon black or graphite. The reaction equation is: 2Ta205+B4C+15C+2B203=4TaB2+16C0. The reaction is controlled by the material diffusion. This method is not ideal because the Tantalum powder and carbon black powder are mixed unevenly and graphite or carbon black powder has a low activity. Tantalum powder will reduce incompletely and impurities may be formed. Tantalum Boride has low carbon black and graphite activity. In addition, it is necessary to decarburize the Tantalum Boride at a high temperature of >600degC to create carbon monoxide (CO2) or carbon dioxide.

Tantalum, Tantalum alloys and their applications

The pipe is characterized by a high melting point, excellent corrosion resistance, and good cold-working performance. Pipes have a wide range of applications in chemical, atomic and high temperature industries. These include the production of heat exchangers for chemical processes, condensers and spiral coils. In the chemical, aerospace, high temperature, atomic and energy industries, bar materials are used widely. They can be used to manufacture supersonic planes, rocket engines and spacecraft combustion chambers.

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