Osmium Rings

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osmium rings are one of the newest and most unique jewellery options available today. Osmium is a rare and beautiful metal that can be crystallized into diamond-like shapes. It is a member of the platinum group metals (PGMs) and shares similar physical properties to its PGM sister metal, iridium.

Osmium is a highly dense, brittle metal with silver-gray appearance. Like iridium, it can be used to create dazzling white jewelry pieces that are both lustrous and scratch-resistant.

The Osmium Institute has been working with the metal for years to produce osmium rings and other precious jewellery to showcase its beauty. The NAJ members MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery has recently commissioned their latest piece, donned by the designer as ‘One of the most magical and rare jewellery pieces in the world”.

This 18ct white gold Aqua Wave ring captures a pear-shaped disc of bluish-white osmium within a curving figure of eight. A sapphire and white diamonds frame it on either side.

As with all PGM metals, osmium is a very expensive element to mine and separate from platinum. An average of 10,000 tons of platinum must be mined to yield a sugar cube’s worth of osmium.

Osmium can be fashioned into many different shapes and sizes, but is usually sold in flat geometries such as diamonds or stars. It can also be cut into smaller investment formats at a later stage at the request of the owner. For this reason, it is often used as a semimanufactured material in the creation of diamond-like rings and other jewellery.