KBBF Crystal Market Report

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A key advantage of the KBBF family of crystals is that their cationic size is relatively small, which enables a high-order Dn. The Dn is a function of the difference between the intralayer and interlayer optically polarized susceptibility, and it determines the PM ability of the crystal (Fig. 1a).

To improve the Dn and break this limit, rational tuning of the A-site cations becomes an important strategy. The A-site cations are not only involved in the formation of the crystal structure, but they can also affect the arrangement and density of the anionic groups, thereby affecting the Dn.

The present invention aims to provide a nonlinear optical crystal-prism coupler and a method for its fabrication. The KBBF family crystal and the prisms are bonded through transition layers deposited on their surfaces. The bonding strength is much stronger than that of the normal optical contact because of the enhanced surface energy of the transition layers.