Gold Sputtering Target Price

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gold sputtering target price

The cost of gold sputtering targets depends on several factors, including purity and the target geometry. American Elements produces a wide range of high purity gold sputtering targets with varying chemistry, geometry and dimensions for use in semiconductor and photovoltaic display manufacturing.

For example, gold sputtering targets are used to coat circuit chips and boards for the semiconductor industry, where they provide a stronger, harder, and more durable surface bonding than gold plating or gold filling. It also allows fine-grain control of the placement and patterning of the gold vapour deposits.

Other applications for gold sputtering targets include coating biomedical implants to produce radiopaque films that are visible in X-ray imaging. This is important for research into cancers and other diseases, as well as for identifying pathogens and infectious agents in tissue samples.

Sputtering is a widely used method for applying thin films of metals to various surfaces, including gold. The sputtering process consists of exciting the atoms of the source material by bombarding it with high-energy ions in a vacuum chamber. This causes the target material to eject a fine vapour of atoms or molecules, which lands on the substrate in the form of a thick gold coating.

Sputtering is a relatively simple process that requires only a single sputtering target, a substrate, and special sputtering equipment. However, it is important to make sure that the sputtering targets are completely free of even trace impurities, as they can render the final product unusable.