Gold Iodide Formula

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gold i iodide formula is a chemical compound that contains one or more ions of gold (Au) in the +2 oxidation state. It also contains iodine (I2) in the -1 oxidation state. The gold i iodide formula is one of the least reactive metallic compounds. It can be dissolved in water and is highly stable. In addition, it is a mild reducing agent that can react with oxygen to produce iodine.

It is used in a number of applications such as the preparation of gold-copper perovskite solar cells and the regioselective iodination of phenolic compounds. It has a hexagonal close-packed crystal structure and is the most common of all iodide compounds. It can be purchased from American Elements in powder and aqueous solution forms. We also offer gold i iodide for sale as a metal iodide (AuI) in various sizes and packaging options.

Using the response surface optimization method with the mass fraction of iodine in anolyte, anolyte n(I2):n(I-) and cell voltage listed as the independent variables and percentage gold deposition as the response value, the optimum process conditions were determined. The change rule of the experimental results was analyzed, and it was found that the percent of gold deposition changes in a parabolic pattern with increasing mass fraction of iodine in the anolyte and decreasing anolyte n(I2):n(I-). The corresponding three-dimensional response surfaces were generated and contour maps drawn to show the interaction between each pair of factors. These results verify the validity of the model and confirm the optimum electrodeposition condition for the iodized leaching solution of gold.