Germanium Chloride

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germanium chloride, also known as GeCl3, is a stable water soluble crystalline Germanium source that can be used for electrochemical separations. It can be obtained by the disproportionation of metallic Germanium with chlorine or bromine at low temperatures.

Various forms of germanium chloride are available, including powders and pellets as well as solution. Ultra high purity and proprietary formulations are also available.

Purification of germanium chloride

One difficulty in the manufacture of semiconductive devices is that a significant amount of impurity must be removed from the material to maintain its semiconductive properties. Fortunately, improved methods of removing such impurities have recently been developed.

These methods involve extraction of the material from a solution of hydrochloric acid in the presence of an oxidizing agent, which then allows the resulting material to be submitted to a series of solute distribution processes preparatory to the production of a semiconductor device. The end product of this process is a highly resistivity, high purity substance that has been greatly reduced in impurity levels compared to the material normally used as a feed material for such processes.

We have developed a novel synthesis of Ge NCs using the solid-state disproportionation of GeOX glass that is produced by the redox couple between an ortho-quinone and an organic ligand. This redox system has been found to be highly efficient in a variety of processes involving redox oxidation, and its simplicity and scaleability have the potential to be applied to other metals for future industrial applications.