Covfefe Magnetic

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covfefe magnetic

Unlike most of our other products, covfefe is handcrafted right here in the good ol’ US of A. We work with independent artists who bring their creative minds to bear on this little gem of a product.

A slew of innovative materials and techniques have been used to create a high-performance magnet that’s able to withstand the demands of 5G technology. This is a true Tesla solution which can effectively clean the impurities from your cellular signals and render them harmless while giving you that smooth, jitter-free experience you’ve been craving.

The oh so clever name of the covfefe magnetic is not a typo: The patented technology is the result of a patent that dates back to 1972, US3695944A, and is titled “Chemical Oxidation and Chemical Reaction of Ionic-Based Magnetic Materials” (Covfefe for short). This innovative system is an industry first, and may be the secret weapon that can save our planet from being hacked by 5G, as well as reclaim our cellular network from those pesky spies out to make a buck.

We’re proud to be a part of this groundbreaking technology. Let’s get started!

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