Chemical Formula For Zinc Sulfite

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Zinc sulfite has many uses in industrial applications. It is a lubricant for motors, a friction material for rotor surfaces, and a pigment in paints, oil cloths, paper, plastics, and dyeing. It is also a fungicide and a herbicide for plants.

HSDB Record #11: Chemical Formula and Physical Properties (Complete)

The chemical formula for zinc sulfite is ZnS. The zinc metal and sulfur atoms are connected by a polar covalent bond.

This molecule is highly reactive and can cause burns or other injuries when in contact with fire. This hazard can be reduced by using special dry chemicals to fight the fire and avoiding direct contact with water.

Reactivity Data for Zinc Sulfite

When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of /zinc oxide/. It is corrosive to the skin and eyes, and can cause burns if inhaled.

Phosphorescence, Luminescence and Fluorescence

With addition of a few ppm of suitable activator, zinc sulfide can exhibit strong phosphorescence in dry air. This property is useful in applications from luminous paints to cathode ray tubes. It can also be used in electroluminescent panels, where it is doped with copper.

In a suitably activated form, it can be used in X-ray screens and in the phosphor in television and radio tubes. When doped with silver or manganese, it can exhibit blue or orange phosphorescence.

It can be used to prevent and treat zinc deficiency, which causes stunted growth, diarrhea in children, and slowed wound healing. It also helps to boost the immune system and promotes a healthy digestive tract.