Boron Phosphide Used As Semiconductor Material And Optical Material

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What property does boron phosphide have?

Due to different preparation methods, boron phosphide Has red, dark-red, transparent or black crystals, soft brown or amorphous substances. The boron-phosphide chemical properties are stable. It does not dissolve in concentrated hydrochloric or nitric acids, nor does it dissolve in hydrofluoric or sulfuric acids.

Boron phosphide shares many properties with refractory substances. It has similar properties to diamond and boron-nitride, and is harder than silicon carbide. It can have an anti-oxidation property even when heated to a temperature between 800 and 10,000 degrees Celsius in the atmosphere. When boron is heated, the phosphorus in it disappears and a light grey residue forms. Boron-phosphide ignites when placed in a cold environment in bromine, and in a slightly warm state in chlorine. It can decompose by most metals under red heat and at 200degC.

How is boron phosphide used?

The boron film phosphide has superior mechanical properties compared to germanium carbide. It also has the best rain resistance of similar films. This can increase the damage threshold speed of the substrate. In comparison with diamond thin layers, boron-phosphide thin films have better adhesion. They are also more conducive for large-area deposition. In order to reduce the internal stress, boron is a good material for anti-reflection films for infrared windows on high-speed aircraft.

Researchers are increasingly appreciating the protective properties of boronphosphide on other components exposed to harsh environments. Boron-phosphide film is one of best materials for corrosion-resistant films of the infrared windows of submarine telescopes. Once the telescope window is out at sea, it will always be immersed in water. The window should not only have a high transmittance in order to maintain the sensitivity of the photoelectric sensor, but it must also resist corrosion caused by chemicals found in the seawater. The boron film is corrosion resistant and has a good chemical resistance. It can protect the window from seawater erosion, ensuring the original optical performance.

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