Boron Nitride Properties

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Boron nutride is composed of both nitrogen and boron. You can divide the crystal structure into hexagonal in boron (HBN), WBN, and cubic in boron ().
The hexagonal boron-nitride crystal has the same graphite layered structures as graphite. This gives it its name “white graphite” because of its loose, lubricating and moisture-absorbing properties. Theoretical density: 2.27g/cm3, specific gravity: 2.43, Mohr Hardness = 2.
Hexagonalboron nitride is good at electrical insulation, thermal conductivity and chemical stability. Although hexagonal boron-nitride has the same expansion coefficient as quartz, its thermal conductivity exceeds that of quartz by tenfold.
Hexagonalboron nitride is not able to dissolve cold water. The water boils slowly, producing a very small amount of ammonia and boric acids. It can only be broken down with potassium hydroxide (molten sodium hydroxide) and slightly soluble in hot acids.

Boron Nitride Properties
1. The heat resistance is high: Sublimation at 3000 at 1800. This strength can also be air-cooled at 1500 to ambient temperature for several dozens of time and not softens at 2800 in inert gases.
2. High thermal conductivity. The hot-pressed products behave the same way as pure iron. And 33W/M.K’s thermal conductivity is higher than that of ceramic materials at 530C.
3, Low thermal expansion coefficient. The thermal shock resistance of ceramics is excellent due to its low expansion coefficient (2 x 10-6).
4. It has excellent electrical characteristics: it is good at insulation at high temperature (1014 O-cm.2000 at 25 and 1033 O-cm. It’s the most efficient ceramic high-temperature insulating material, with a breakdown voltage 3.0V/MV, low loss of 108HZ 2.5 x 10.4, dielectric constant 4., transparent to microwave and ultraviolet.
5. Excellent corrosion resistance: It does not react to iron, copper or aluminum. It is compatible with rare earth metals and precious metals as well as semiconductor materials (germanium-siliconium, potassium arsenide), glass, inorganic acid (alkali), molten salts (crystals fluoride, slag), rare earth metals and precious metals.
6. Low friction coefficient U of 0.16. This is not an increase in temperature like graphite or molybdenum sulfide. You can use oxidation atmosphere up to 900C and vacuum at 2000.
7. The purity of high purity B is very high. Its impure content is below 10PPM but the B content exceeds 43.6%.
8. Machinability: Its hardness is Morse 2. This allows it to be machined into precise parts using general machining.

Where is hexagonal Boron Nitride used?
Hexagonalboron nutride is used for making composite ceramics with TiB2/BN and other advanced materials.

Particular uses
1. Boron Nitride is used to release metal for molds and as a lubricant in wire drawing.
2. At high temperatures, special electrolysis and resistance materials made of boron-nitride
3. Boron nitride can be used for high temperatures solid lubricants.
4. Boron Nitride is suitable to heat seal a transistor’s desiccant or as an additive of polymer, such as plastic resin.
5. Boron nitride products can be formed into various forms to serve as heat dissipation and insulation components.
6. Boron nitride can be used as a thermal shielding agent in aerospace.
7. Cubic boron nutride can be converted by the use of catalyst to make it as hard and as durable as diamond using high temperatures and high pressure.
8. Boron nitride, the structural material in an atomic bomb reactor.
9. Boron Nitride is ideal for the nozzles in rocket and plane engines.
10. Boron Nitride is an insulator that can withstand high voltage, high frequency electricity, and plasma arc.
11. Boron nitride can be used to protect against neutron radiation.
12. Boron nitride is a superhard material that can be turned into cutting tools, drills and other high-speed equipment for drilling oil wells and geological exploration.
13. Boron Nitride is used inmetallurgy to separate ring of continuous-cast steel, flow groove, amorphous and demolding agent for continuous casting aluminum.
14. Boron nitride can be used as an evaporator to evaporate all types of capacitor film plating and picture tube plating.
15. Boron nitride can be used for fresh-keeping, aluminized bags etc.
16. Boron nitride can be used for a range of trademark gilding and laser anti-counterfeiting aluminium plating. It is also available in cigarette packaging boxes, beer packaging boxes, and cigarette boxes.
17. Cosmetics are compatible with Boron nitride. Non-toxic and lubricating lipstick filler, also available in glossy form.

Boron Nitride Price
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