Arsenide Symbol

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A symbol is a picture of an element or compound that represents its properties and history. Alchemy symbols are a special type of symbol that is used by alchemists to represent a particular element or compound.

Arsenic is a chemical element that has been known since ancient times. It was the subject of many a recipe for medicines and poisons in Ancient Greece and Rome (thousands of years ago).

The first known instance of arsenic was probably a sandarache, described by Aristotle in the 4th century bce. It was later identified as the yellow mineral realgar, As2S3.

Another arsenic chemical, orpiment, is a yellow dye that was used in medieval Europe for cosmetics and other applications. It was also used as a wood preservative.

It is a toxic material that can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in low doses, while large doses can lead to death. It can also cause abnormal heart beat and damage to blood vessels.

Several of the most important arsenic compounds are used in the manufacture of semiconductors. Gallium arsenide, for example, is the most commonly used form of this element in modern times. It can replace silicon in the manufacture of both linear and digital integrated circuits.

Like other elements, arsenic atoms can share valence electrons with oxygen to make multiple bonds. They can also use the outer d orbitals to expand their oxidation states. They can also use electron donation to create complex forms of arsenic, a process that is limited by the availability of lone pairs of valence electrons.