American Elements Titanium Mesh

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Titanium is a strong, light and highly corrosion resistant metal with many industrial applications. American Elements offers titanium in rod, bar, piece, pellet, disc, granules and other machined shapes, as well as pure and industrial quality titanium mesh. Titanium is also available as solution, nanoparticles and organometallics.

Medical titanium wire mesh has high compression performance and excellent histocompatibility. It is used in cranioplasty and other medical operations. It is also an ideal material for surgical mesh. It is made of commercially pure titanium and has good permeability, stability and elasticity. The histocompatibility of the medical titanium is superior to that of stainless steel.

titanium mesh sheet is made by stamping and expanding ASTM B265 specified commercially pure titanium sheet. Expanded titanium mesh has diamond shaped openings, while stamped titanium mesh has regular round holes. Opening size and thickness can be mutually restricted to meet customer requirements. Both expanded and stamped titanium mesh can be sheared to required shape. In addition, American Elements also provides titanium mesh basket and MMO titanium mesh anode. They are assembled by titanium wire mesh and titanium expanded mesh, then coated with mixed metal oxides. MMO titanium mesh anodes can be used in various fields, such as water desalination and cathode of battery. They have good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and temperature resistance. They can last longer than other metallic anodes.